Leechi Designs has been designing and supplying rugs and carpets since 2003. We take pride in our ability to interpret clients' visions and create the rugs of their dreams. Our experience extends from hospitality to corporate and domestic industry. At Leechi Designs, the client is at the heart of everything we create. Here, everything begins with a vision and a passion for perfect rugs. 


We offer designed rugs in any size or shape, using stunning patterns and vibrant colours. The company portfolio is extensive: circular rugs, extended and fitted staircase runners, including organic shaped rugs or wall to wall carpets, a high quality rug has no secrets to us. 


Our passion is to always research, evolve and create together with our loyal and supportive clients.

Feel free to contact us regarding any enquiries or questions you may have, or simply if you wish to join our newsletter, 



Contact our team and create the rug of your dreams. We will guide you through this creative process step by step and choose with you the perfect rug. 


Our products

Our rugs are sourced from India. We work very closely with a family run business factory, who produces according to our requirements. We do regular trips to the factory to ensure that we get the best quality and service. Our rugs are produced from top quality yarns, mainly wool and T-Silk. 


Leechi Designs produces mainly tufted rugs. If you are looking for woven rugs, we can discuss this so contact us and we will look at it closely together! 


Our order process 

  1. Fill in and email us the Inquiry form below

  2. If you have any design reference ie a pic or a photo, please attach

  3. We do not charge for Artwork. We respond to you with a quotation based on your inquiry and require approval before preparing artwork. Artwork is emailed to you, for approval.

  4. Our quotation includes Transport, excludes Vat

  5. Terms: 70% Deposit, balance on delivery

  6. Our orders usually take 6 to 8 weeks


Our Colour process 

Colour Indication (on finalisation of design, colours are selected from our ARS colour box (this is done by appointment). You can also indicate colour selection from the Pantone universal colour range or courier cuttings of your fabrics for our designer to work from.

Our delivery process 

At Leechi Designs, we take extra good care of our creations. Our rugs are packaged in an eco friendly bamboo casing with a waterproof lining that offers strong protection. We deliver the final product directly to our clients and our orders usually take 6 to 8 weeks, from the first step of the creative process to the final delivery. 


Our Inquiry Process 

Make sure you email us all the important information for us to understand and create a rug especially for you!

Click the link below to view our inquiry form with the basic information we usually need:  



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