About Us

Our strength is working with people. Here, we love the designing process. But ultimately our creative process is all about working with a happy team and a satisfied clientele.


Meet Tammy Lee, the Director of Leechi Designs. With a qualification in Textile Design and 17 years in the industry, our Director is a texture and quality enthusiast who enjoys the creative process. Famously known in the past as a leather bag designer before deciding to focus on custom made rugs in 2017, Tammy Lee created at that time ethical and locally produced leather goods collections, developing various capsules collections in partnership with other local brands. 

"It was important for me to develop a healthy, socially involved entreprise that employed women locally" T.L

Expanding her business abroad, in 2017, Tammy decided to focus only on the production of custom made rugs. 

"What I love about the rug industry is the wide variety of creative decisions! There are so many shapes, textures and colours that you can play with. It is also a very detailed work, where a certain rigour in precision and quality are essential. " T.L